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Splinter’s Edge – Signed Paperback



Lahn just wants to ignore the world, build some code with his AI, and hide from the starless green sky. But when horrible visions of future-tech destruction invade his carefully curated calm, he will have to risk his life and fight his fears to find out if the visions are real, or a product of his own depersonalization.

If the visions are real, everyone’s at risk, especially those he loves most. And no one but Lahn can save them all.

Probably time to put on some pants.

This is a paperback version of Splinter’s Edge, signed personally by the author, Boydell Bown.

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His Depersonalization is real. Is anything else? Buy this signed paperback today to discover the incredible journey where Lahn fights through his own weaknesses to discover the truth and save those around him.


“Splinter’s Edge” by Boydell Bown takes readers into a thrilling alternate world where Lahn grapples with unsettling visions of future-tech devastation. As he battles his own depersonalization, he’s compelled to confront his fears and uncover the truth. What sets this story apart is its twisted narrative and quirky AI companion, Lucia. The blend of weird environments and intricate technology makes for a mind-bending journey. With government agents and stalkers in pursuit, Lahn’s quest for truth is a gripping ride through a world on the edge of chaos.

(Kelly Anne Petty)

I loved this story. I had to pause to figure out the complexities at times, and I thoroughly enjoyed the words used. For example. “The shadows from the city buildings stretched, creeping toward him like zombies, hungry for his delicious gray matter. They could have it. He wasn’t using it.” So fun to read, and different enough to never be able to predict what happens next.

(Tanya K.)

Highly recommended for fans of tech thrillers and psychological adventures!


Book Quotes:

What do you think my future-self will say to me? That it will all be worth it? More likely, “I’m sorry, but everything will go horribly sideways, and the next few days are going to be a disaster!”


He couldn’t give up. He couldn’t hide. It was why he always fought so hard to overcome depersonalization. He may not be important to many people, but he was vital to those that meant the most to him.


“Humans are weird,” said the AI. “You fell to the floor and just lay there, like un cadaver. And I don’t know what to do if you get dead. But you’re not. so I’m glad.”


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