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Our mission is to bring the passion and love for reading books back. whether it's a regular paper book, or an online edition, we want our readers to know that we appreciate quality and artful storytelling. Join our community and enjoy multiple genres, modern and classic authors, reviews, critics and more!

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A book is still one of the best presents for anyone on any occasion.
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Great writers are pretty inspiring, so we offer the widest selection.
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I just finished your book. I could hardly put it down and found it both gripping and enjoyable! Once I started it, I didn’t want to stop. – Splinter’s Edge

Anne Bown (Boydell’s Mom)

I don’t usual review books I read, since tastes differ, but I will make an exception with this one.
I really enjoyed reading this sci fi adventure, so much that I read it twice. Once in Kindle, and again when I bought the paperback. – The Dissection and Reassembly of Cohen Hoard.

A. Erickson


This book was an exceptional read. The characters are fleshed out with real motivations and the locales are vibrant. What starts as a standard adventure story becomes a poignant discussion around what does it mean to live and the value of life and death. – Mere Mortal.


Business Owner