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Mere Mortal

THERE ARE TWO THINGS that fascinate the Immortals: birth and death. Since they can do neither, they entertain themselves by watching mortals do both.

Mila knows this. She has always known this. It has been that way for 500 years. To stay alive, most of the remaining mortals now hide out in small, nomadic tribes, spread out across the globe. They are careful. They don’t take chances. And they avoid the Immortals at all cost.

But when her sister is wounded and abducted by Immortals, Mila realizes the only way to save her is to enter the one place she knows she should never go: the Immortal City.

And there is more going on there than any of them realizes. Unfortunately, the Immortals are looking for HER too. And with infinite lives available to them, they have nothing to lose.


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