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Sorry, Humans (Especially Greg)


Boy meets girl. Girl lies to boy about being an alien. Girl accidentally destroys boy’s planet. Girl apologizes super hard.


Releasing August 30, 2024

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2 reviews for Sorry, Humans (Especially Greg)

  1. Janelle Y.

    I absolutely LOVED this book from start to finish. The humor, the characters, the delivery–it’s a messy story in a wonderfully written package. The characters are flawed, but oh so fun! So many lies. So much chaos. So satisfying! And the footnotes add to it all–don’t skip them! I could read this book over and over. HIGHLY recommend!

  2. Keven P.

    Aliens among us? Absurd! Then again? Pozo weaves a fanciful tale full of quirky characters and an unlikely love story between the alien queen and a charming man, but one who is thoroughly human. As for the apology to the humans, well, that is an onion that only the reader can peel away. Pay attention as you do so, while laughing at this unpredictable, intergalactic lark.

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